Game Builder Workshop

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Languages used
  • TypeScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Python
Tools used
  • Next.js
  • Phaser
  • Redux
  • JSZip
  • PyInstaller
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My senior capstone project, Game Builder Workshop, is a web application that guides the user through creating their own HTML5 game and allows the user to share their game creation with friends.

The project was awarded best overall during our program's Fall 2023 Capstone Festival. You can view my presentation video here.


My goals for this project were to host a web-based application for building games, allow users to customize a game without writing code, provide users with a 2D platformer base project to modify, and allow users to download their game to share and play.


I broke tasks up into two-week sprints. My objectives were to:

  • Embed an iFrame containing a game built with the Phaser game framework in the web app.
  • Create a user interface with the React JavaScript framework for interacting with the Phaser HTML5 game framework.
  • Generate a .zip file for the game using the JSZip NPM package and provide a download button.
  • Provide a base pack of sprites, backgrounds, and game objects for use in game customization.
  • Create a build for the site using NodeJS and deploy to hosting service.

The scope of this project was limited to ensure the 10-week time constraint could be met.


I conducted user testing with a focus group of 3 individuals interested in video games. Participants expressing desire to see more features added and further customization options, as well as additional visual indicators for game customization tools. I plan to apply this feedback to future iterations of the project.


I deployed this project with Cloudflare Pages. You can now visit it at gamebuilderworkshop.com.