Hourly Music Player

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Languages used
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
Tools used
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This web app displays and animates a clock in real-time. The app makes an asynchronous request to the ACNH API to pick background music corresponding to the hour and a variation of the music corresponding to the weather selection. The default weather is sunny, but options for snowy and rainy are provided. Clicking on the forward and back buttons allow the user to increment and decrement the hour. Clicking the center button will reset the app to the user's current time.

The clock face was selected from Adobe Stock and the icons used are from FontAwesome. The AC Hourly Musicbox is a fanmade website and claims no ownership of any intellectual property associated with Nintendo or Animal Crossing. All audio assets found on the site and the repository are the sole property of Nintendo and are only used for non-commercial and educational purpose.


Create a web app that uses asynchronous requests to fetch music from an external source.